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Making Improvements on Land to Sell Quicker

This video is part of a series where Pat Porter, Broker for RecLand , talks about the things he considers and does in deals he buys personally. See all the videos in the series at the site on the Land Stuff page.

19 November

Young Hunters: When and How to Get Them Started


Young Hunters: When and How to Get Them Started
By Erik Jutila


Passing the Torch

There are a lot of reasons to introduce kids to hunting. It is a wholesome hobby that teaches valuable life lessons, encourages exercise and promotes spending time outdoors. In addition to the reasons that hunting is a good activity for the individual, getting the next generation involved is good for the overall sport.
– As the world becomes increasingly modern and technology-flooded, and gun and hunting rights continue to be challenged, hunting is in danger of becoming a thing of the past.
– Today’s youth will be responsible for keeping the sport alive by advocating for gun and hunting rights in the future. Hunters are also some of the primary activists that support habitat restoration and wildlife management.
– Hunting encourages quality time with family or mentors. Instead of playing games indoors on an iPad, it gets kids outside, spending valuable time interacting with people and nature. Many types of hunting are a good source of exercise and teach healthy lessons about the processes through which food makes it to your table.
03 November