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Put It Up...Or Shut Up


Put it Up …or Shut Up
Rusty’s Take on Putting Gates on Your Property
My neighbor, Gilmer, lives down the road from me. He has a 40 acre huntin’ property on the other side of the county. Gilmer was at the house drinking coffee with me the other day. He was carrin’ on and on about how folks keep backing down the road and dumpin’ trash on his huntin’ property. I’ve heard this yapping before.
I told him, “Gilmer, I done told you no tellin’ how many times how to stop this. You gotta put up a gate!”
“It won’t do no good,” Gilmer moaned, “They’ll just break down the gate and dump their junk on me anyway.”
“No, no they won’t,” I shot back at him. “The low-life, scum-sucking, lower-than-dog-dooty people who’ll dump trash on other folk’s property are too sorry and lazy to take the time to break your gate.” I went on talking, “It’s too much extra work and time. They’ll just keep driving until they find another spot. It’s a fact.”
Gilmer shook his head. Maybe he was gonna get it this time. Just when I thought he was good and about to finally leave me so I could get back to my True Grit rerun on the DVR, he asked, “Ain’t it expensive to hire someone to put up a gate?”
“No, Gilmer,” I said, “You can do it pretty easy yourself. Or hire Junior. He put the last one up for me…brand new wide ...
17 December