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Do You or Don't You?


Do You or Don’t You?

Rusty’s Take on Hunting Property Lines
Hunting season is pretty much over now in my neck of the woods. Seems like a good time to talk about a subject that many of us have had to deal with at some point over the years – folks who hunt right on the property line of other folk’s land.
This is my second attempt to write this short article. The first attempt is in the recycle can on my desktop computer. By the way…I kinda miss the old days of typing on a noisy typewriter and, you know, when you mess up you just RIIIPPPPP the sheet of paper out, wad it up into a miniature basketball, and do your best Larry Bird fade-away jumper at the trash can…and throw up a brick. Remember that? Anyway.
The reason I deep-sixed the first version is ‘cause I wrote it all “Field & Stream” style. You know, the perfect little article discussing an issue in a middle of the road kinda way that ends with a tidy little conclusion where everything is A-OK and everyone goes “A-HA” and “poof” …problem solved. That’s about as realistic as a California Democrat joining the NRA. So, I did what I do. I opened a cold one and got serious about getting serious.
17 February

My FAMILY Can be a Problem in My Land Ownership?


My FAMILY Can be a Problem in My Land Ownership?


I'll get right to it...sometimes family members can be a big problem to your land ownership!


That's right. The land you inherited from the passing of a family member can turn out to be a more of a mess than a blessing if you aren't proactive. And believe me, many families are anything but proactive when land (or other types of real estate) pass down to heirs. Here's why in a nutshell...


...but first...


Please keep in mind that I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not dispensing legal advice here. I'll speak in generalities to outline the basic problems and solutions. Your job is to go to your family and / or a qualified attorney in your state to get specific solutions to your situation.


Many people come into possession of land when a family member dies and passes the property along...either directly through the intent of a will or, when no will is present, by virtue of family ties. In either case, some immediate actions need to occur to help the recipients now handle their new pro...

03 February