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This double reed call was made by Duck Commander exclusively for RecLand Gear. Watch Duckman Jay Stone explain how each call is built and custom tuned in the "Duck Call Room" in West Monroe, LA.

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“Can you find me a small property that joins Phil Robertson’s place?”

Ha! You think I am kidding. I wish I was making this stuff up.
In the early days of the Robertson family’s rise to fame with Duck Dynasty, this was a call or email I personally got – oh, I would say – 12-15 times. We were a land broker with the same area code as Phil and Willie Robertson so we got the calls. One guy from Texas called a couple times and insisted there be lots of cypress trees on the property I was to find for him with Spanish moss on them. Yes, it had to have lots of Spanish moss.
Those phone calls died down but then another round of calls and emails started a couple years ago when RecLand became the Duck Commander and Buck Commander Endorsed Land Broker. You know and I know that there is a difference between Duck Dynasty, the TV show and Duck Commander, the duck call and outdoor products company. But because the Robertson family is central to both, people assumed we were once again the main conduit to being able to purchase a duck hole right next to Mr. Phil’s out on the Ouachita River in northeast Louisiana.
Yea, I will get right on that for you.
By the way, I never found a tract with lots of Spanish moss for that guy in Texas. You think I even looked?

- This is an excerpt from Pat Porter's book available at



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