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Put it Up …or Shut Up
Rusty’s Take on Putting Gates on Your Property
My neighbor, Gilmer, lives down the road from me. He has a 40 acre huntin’ property on the other side of the county. Gilmer was at the house drinking coffee with me the other day. He was carrin’ on and on about how folks keep backing down the road and dumpin’ trash on his huntin’ property. I’ve heard this yapping before.
I told him, “Gilmer, I done told you no tellin’ how many times how to stop this. You gotta put up a gate!”
“It won’t do no good,” Gilmer moaned, “They’ll just break down the gate and dump their junk on me anyway.”
“No, no they won’t,” I shot back at him. “The low-life, scum-sucking, lower-than-dog-dooty people who’ll dump trash on other folk’s property are too sorry and lazy to take the time to break your gate.” I went on talking, “It’s too much extra work and time. They’ll just keep driving until they find another spot. It’s a fact.”
Gilmer shook his head. Maybe he was gonna get it this time. Just when I thought he was good and about to finally leave me so I could get back to my True Grit rerun on the DVR, he asked, “Ain’t it expensive to hire someone to put up a gate?”
“No, Gilmer,” I said, “You can do it pretty easy yourself. Or hire Junior. He put the last one up for me…brand new wide one…set the wood posts in the ground with sackcrete, and everything. It was just about three hundo. It was a little extra than normal,” I explained, “ ‘cause I also had him fix some posts and wire on the sides to keep people from goin’ around it easy on them four-wheelers. But it ain’t bad to have someone do it.” Heck, I’ve even had him put up a big pipe gate for me before,’ I went on to tell Gilmer. “But they’re more expensive and probably more than you need for that 40 over yonder.”
Gilmer was nodding…but frowning.
“What’s wrong with that idea, Gilmer?” I hated to ask – ready for him to leave before he saw my wife’s pecan pie on top of the frigerator – but he was my friend and all.
“I know that ain’t a bad price to have a new gate put up and all,” Gilmer said, “but I’m a little embarrassed asking someone to do that kind of work that I oughta be able to do myself.” Gilmer kinda poked his chest out a little.
“Yea,” I mumbled, “that is man stuff. You could do it. Just run down to Tractor Supply or the feed store and get the gate and hardware. They come together in most cases, you know. Get a couple treated 6 inch posts, some sackcrete, and a chain and lock. You’d be good to go. I know you have a post-hole digger,” I kinda mumbled to Gilmer, “…uh…yea…it’s in my shop in the back. Remember I borrowed it couple years back? Or you could rent a hand-held gas auger,” I added quickly hoping he didn’t catch the post-hole digger thing.
Gilmer squinted his eyes but let the thing about the post-hole digger go. “I guess I could do that,” he said. “Or I could run a cable between some big trees on either side of that entrance.” Gilmer slurped the last of his coffee then said, “Yea…I could do it that way. Less work. Cheaper. And could do it before supper tonight. Heck, it’s a narrow lil ole road. All I want to do is make it harder for them sorry sumb… them folks to back in there and dump trash.”
“That’s right,” I said to Gilmer. “It’ll also help keep them poachers off. Remember when you had that good game camera stole a few years back?”
I put my hand on Gilmer’s shoulder to help steady him. I could tell that was kindlin’ up Gilmer’s fightin’ side!
Gilmer calmed back down, shook my hand, and left through the carport door. He jumped in his truck and backed down the driveway. He just missed backing over the rose bushes again – he normally hits ‘em.
Ha! He forgot all about that post-hole digger and didn’t see that pecan pie! All in all it was a good visit. I bet Gilmer gets that gate up before supper.


About Rusty Nale...

Rusty Nale is a guest blogger who likes to write about all kinds of stuff...mostly about land, livin', and the outdoors. From time to time, Rusty swerves into some good, simple information that can help landowners.


Rusty is a rugged, yet refined…simple, yet sophisticated writer of all things that interest him. His extensive knowledge is limited only by his lack of formal education, limited experiences, and travel. His broad insight has been shaped by his narrow, and often jaded, perspectives.
“Rusty’s rambling, to-the-point, style will cause his readers’ minds to both wonder and wander,” says his mama, Pinkie Nale.
Rusty sums it up best, “If Rusty says it, you can take it to the bank…it was said.”





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