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Making Improvements to Sell Land or Just Add Value

Making improvements to your land is an ongoing process. Whether you want to make some improvements to enhance the resell value, or just do a few projects to help you enjoy the place more, there's always plenty to do. Here, Pat Porter offers a list of projects he's personally been involved with on rural land tracts of all sizes.

Excerpt from "How to Sell Your Land Faster - Proven Ways to Improve the Value and Desirability of Rural Land"

by Pat Porter

Your tract may be drop dead beautiful down by that cypress slough, but if we can't get buyers down there to it...well, you get the point. Sellers will typically underestimate the value in passable roads, trails and creek crossings. But buyers notice them, or lack of them, right away. And they put more value on them being there than it usually will cost to put them there.
Most buyers don't want to pay thousands of dollars per acre for a project. They want to be able to close the sale at 11:00 a.m. and be riding their 4-wheeler on the place before dark. You and I know that a decent dozer operator can cut many trails for $100-150 per hr. over a couple days and that a 36-inch culvert can get us across that creek in the back, but most buyers don't want to solve that problem themselves.
If you invested the time and/or mon...
28 May

New Land Book by RecLand

Pat Porter has just released a sixth land-related book. It's a follow-up book to "Land Buying Tips From the Pros." It's currently available in ebook and print. It will be available in audiobook late June.


Pat compiled several chapters from prominent land professionals and wrote two chapters himself. Topics include surveying, financing, western ranches, access, rural home site development, and more.

Check it out at and download your copy today.

19 May

Visit the LandThink blog for resources and articles

Visit the LandThink blog for land-related articles & discussions.

01 May